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About ZloViewer


I created ZloViewer because I wasn't content with the tools available for managing and sharing the many thousands of media files I had generated over the years. From my youth through college and the birth of my children I had of course documented many memories through digital photos and videos. But they were all a mess of bits across different storage mediums and seemed completely unwieldy to manage. I have fond memories of being a boy and looking through the many photo albums at my grandmother's that covered entire lifetimes and have frequently pondered how we'll share the memories and context of our digital memories with our limited use of hard copy photo prints.

While there are many wonderful media editing and sharing apps available, ZloViewer strives to provide an efficient means to organize your memories and provide much needed context. We live in the moment, but "Life is more than an instant℠"

ZloViewer is the culmination of years of sporadic development of multiple tools that I developed for my own use. Originally there was no intention to create an integrated product. As it evolved it became clear that it may be useful for others as well and it now consists of a desktop application and web application.

A core principle of ZloViewer is to allow the user to maintain discrete control over their media and privacy while sharing what they want with who they want.

Thank you for trying ZloViewer and I appreciate your feedback.

James Martin

Company Information

Zlo7, LLC d/b/a ZloViewer
1317 Edgewater Dr Suite 101
Orlando, FL 32804

You can contact us at support {at symbol}
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