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About ZloCredits

ZloCredits are used to allocate resources on ZloViewer depending on how you wish to use the service and/or application.

There are two types of ZloCredits as shown below. Regular ZloCredits are always used before Extra ZloCredits.

RegularMonthly CycleAt Cycling
ExtraOn-demand purchaseNever expire

Your monthly cycle date is initially based on your sign-up date for ZloViewer. If you decide to purchase a subscription, your roll date will be based upon when you make that initial purchase.

Free accounts are allocated 30 ZloCredits each month and 250 MB of included storage and traffic. There are 10 paid user tiers available offering anywhere from 50 to 8,300 ZloCredits each month.

PreAllocated Resources

When either your storage or traffic is exhausted, no one will be able to view your media. You can preallocate Storage and Outbound Traffic (People viewing your media) each month at a cheaper cost than on-demand and automatic allocation.

Note:Frozen ZloImages utilize both storage and traffic at 1/2 the rate of regular ZloImages. See our FAQ for more information.

PreAllocatedCost / GB

On-demand Resource Purchase

You can purchase 250 MB, 500 MB or 1 GB of storage or traffic at any time. If purchasing in 1 GB increments and it has been less than 3 days since your account cycled, you will be charged the Pre-Allocated Rates listed above.

On-Demand250 MB500 MB1 GB

Automatic Resource Allocation

You can set your account up to automatically increase available storage or traffic in 250 MB increments when it is exhausted.


ZloViewer Windows Application

The ZloViewer Windows Application is a full featured application that allows you to organize, manage and share media on your local computer. It incorporates many of the features found on our website as well as much more advanced tools. ZloCredits are charged on an on-demand basis--When you use the ZloViewer Application you are charged the monthly usage charge and can use it for the next month. (Your monthy cycle date is irrelevant) After that you're not charged again until you use the application again.


Creating ZloImages

There are three ways to create ZloImages: With the ZloViewer application with a 'high' quality setting, through the application with a 'low' quality setting, or via a web form upload in your gallery. Each has a different cost:

Application: Low Quality0.8
Application: High Quality1
Application: Discount when modifying existing ZloImage0.2
Web Interface: Create2
Web Interface: Modify1
Web (Original Size Media): Create & Modify*5

The difference between low quality and high quality is the number of possible ZloImage arrangements that are tested before returning the 'best' (highest percentage of space used) result. Uploaded ZloImages always utilize the high quality setting. Depending on the media, both low and high quality settings may return the same result.

*Creating ZloImages with media that is not resized takes significantly more resources and entails a higher cost. Ideally you should create these with the ZloViewer application and only in special cases where you are intentionally trying to distribute original quality images.

Computer Vision

Within the 'Keywords' tab of the ZloViewer application, you can drag a computer vision source to automatically analyze media and generate keywords (Image Classification). Within the Objects tab you can automatically detect objects within Media.

The first two can also be used through the web interface.

Using this service costs ZloCredits as follows (for each image):

Google Classification0.2
Google Object Detection0.3

Embedded & Redirected ZloImages

You have the ability to embed ZloImages as well as redirect ZloImages as explained in Embedding or Redirecting a ZloImage. You have the ability to hide the ZloViewer Logo. Using this service costs ZloCredits as follows (for each redirect/callback):

TypeZ LogoNo Logo
Embed & Redirect0.050.1

Custom URLs

Anyone can get a short link to any ZloViewer page, gallery, ZloImage or media file by clicking on the link icon found in the upper right of the page.

When on pages that you own, you are offered the option to get a custom url formatted like " Cool Gallery". Just start typing to see if what you want is available.

If you choose to claim a custom URL, there is a ZloCredit charge associated with the Custom URL that is charged right away, and then charged again each month when your account cycles.

You can delete custom URLs at any time in the usage tab of My Account

Custom URLCost/Mo
Per URL10

3rd Party Videos

Videos hosted by a 3rd party are treated as a special case for traffic usage purposes as they remain hosted elsewhere. The intention of ZloViewer is not to be a platform for monetizing third party videos and utilizing it as such would utilize a lot of our resources. If less than 25% of your ZloImage consists of third party videos, each view uses 250 KB of traffic. If 25% or more of your ZloImage consists of third party videos, each view uses 1 MB of traffic. (1000 views per GB). When viewing your own ZloImage there is no traffic incurred for viewing a third party Video.