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ZloViewer Windows Application


What if there was an application that could defy the laws of physics, solve unsolvable mathematical problems, cure all diseases, heal all political divides, solve all your problems, cause you to realize all your dreams and make you as happy and lucky as Forrest Gump?

ZloViewer can do none of those things. Regardless, we're pleased to present to you the globally available Windows ZloViewer Application

Features / Demo Videos

ZloViewer is designed to allow you to work with a LOT of media files quickly and efficiently. Below are very short videos demonstrating some functionality. We're working to bring you detailed tutorials such as this: ZloViewer in action -- Let's organize 192 GB of Media using the Windows App.

View the below demos as a ZloImage

Bulk Non-Destructive Basic Editing

Working with a lot of media files often involves three basic editing tasks--cropping, removing unwanted photos and rotating. ZloViewer gives you the tools to do this faster than ever before. Here we demonstrate how to quickly do this with 20 files, but the principles for larger sets of media are the same. Best of all, unless you specifically tell ZloViewer to enter destructive mode (keyboard shortcut Ctrl-D) a backup of the original is made and you can restore one or all at your convenience.

The principal of a ZloImage is to cram all your media into the size of the user's viewport. But what about working with a large number of files? How can you possibly do this with 100 or 200 images? ZloViewer implements up to 9 "subzlos" for every ZloImage you create and spreads the media across all of them so that you can work with a smaller subset at will. Here we demonstrate the same principles as above with a set of 100 images and a ZloImage size of 1024x768. Subzlos are utilized to accomplish this.

Fast Custom & AI Generated Keyword Tagging

When you have a lot of media, finding what you're looking for can be a Herculean task. ZloViewer gives you the ability to add custom keywords / tags to your media at breakneck speeds. Just drag and drop what you want onto the media. Better yet, ZloViewer integrates two 3rd party image analysis tools for your use when desired: Google Cloud Vision and Clarifai.

You can manipulate keywords within a ZloImage as above our within the main application directory view of ZloViewer.

MetaData Editor

ZloViewer allows you to quickly access and modify media MetaData from either within a ZloImage or through the MetaData tab of the main application

Search Images Online / Reverse Image Search

Need to get a bunch of stock photos quickly? ZloViewer allows you to download hundreds of image files based on a search term quickly and also allows you to specify the type of license you're looking for.

Maybe you've already got a photo and want others like it, or to try to find out where a photo was taken. Utilizing ZloViewer's reverse image search feature makes it painless.

Bring all You CPU cores to the Party

ZloViewer was designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind. Whenever possible, ZloViewer will utilize all the processing power available to speed along your media organizing efforts. In this video it's using all 8 CPU cores of a laptop computer.

Duplicate / Similar Media Tools

Working within a ZloImage, ZloViewer can quickly give you visual feedback of images that are exactly the same or are similar at varying degrees of sensitivity.

ZloViewer allows you to also harness the power of similar / duplicate media search across all of your media that ZloViewer has encountered. You can restrict the search in various ways.

Media Organizer

Maybe you have 5,000, 10,000 or more media files spread across different storage media. Drop it all in one place and then allow ZloViewer to sort through, organize, and normalize that media according to your desires.

Share the way you want.

Directly from the ZloViewer application you can share your media the way you want, with a variety of options to restrict or grant access and permissions. In the first part of this video we set the defaults sharing settings that are used when creating a ZloImage through the application or web interface. Then we upload to ZloViewer and view the result.

Beta Release

ZloViewer is currently in the Beta release stage of development. While the application is fully functional and usable, you may encounter features that are not complete or that may change as they're tested and feedback is received. You may encounter bugs. While ZloViewer is heavily focused on non-destructive management and manipulation of media, we always recommend you backup your raw media before using it with ZloViewer (or any application!)

As a beta release, there will be significantly more updates to the application than a public final release. In the settings you can control how frequently the application checks for updates or disable checking altogether. Updates are deployed in a sequential patching manner and are accomplished very quickly, however if you have version x.x.50 and the latest is x.x.75 each patch from .51 to .75 will be applied individually to bring your installation up to the latest version.

It is recommended that you check for updates immediately after installation via the settings tab. We will be releasing independent installations periodically and patches much more frequently so the release you download today may already have a number of patches available. All installation files will always be digitally signed by our company.

This software utilizes the Sentry IO framework to report bugs (errors) in the program for the sole purpose of rapidly resolving any issues with the software. Using the software constitutes consent of such data collection. The information that may be disclosed includes the state of the application when the error occurred, configuration settings of the application, variables currently in memory when the error occurred, and general configuration / information that is made available by your operating system to the ZloViewer application. It will not ever include any media you may have been working with when the error occurred. This error reporting system CAN NOT BE DISABLED in the Beta Release.

Use of this software constitutes agreement with our privacy policy, terms of service, and the included application license file.

You are an early adopter! We sincerely hope you like the application and find it useful. Thank you and we appreciate you! Please join our Google Group to communicate with us including questions, feedback and bug reports.

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