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OMG Cookies!

A.K.A. Cookie Policy & Local Storage

Here at ZloViewer we think that the only thing that is on par with the annoyance of pop-up advertisements are site cookie notifications. They're out of control. While the intent of the laws that have forced sites to implement them were good, the end result is garbage. Cookie notification is a misnomer, it applies to other storage methods that may contain personally identifable information as well.

You won't find a cookie popup on our site. Not because we're breaking the law, but because we don't need them. We only use essential cookies which are exempt from the consent requirements. Go ahead, open up your adblock browser or developer tools and take a look. You will find only two cookies from our site:

Progressive Web App

ZloViewer is a progressive web app, as such if your browser supports it ZloViewer will cache data on your device as you access it. If you choose to "install" ZloViewer (Add to Homescreen, install on desktop) it will pre-cache data. This includes media files, css styles, javascript, etc. None of this data is of a personally identifiable nature towards you.


We use browser localStorage for saving certain settings to improve your user experience. Features that use this include remembering your working tab in "My Account," Choosing a specific location to redirect to upon login or when you switch on or off "Edit Mode" when viewing your galleries. If there is anything that contains personally identifiable information (such as the token for push notifications) you will be explicitly asked if it is ok to store that setting.