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New User Surge

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Because we operate on a shoestring budget, don't have advertising and have no investors, we need to be very careful about scaling ZloViewer in a sustainable manner. When we have a surge in user signups, we delay full access to ZloViewer for those accounts and slowly enable access in a controlled manner.

If your account has a "Surge Hold", you will be notified and are in a queue to be released. You don't need to do anything. Users are released every hour in order of signup.

While in this status the following capabilities are not enabled:

You can however use all other features and you can also use the Windows Application to create ZloImages on your personal computer.

Our goal is to try to keep the queue to 2 weeks or less.

If the estimate is currently over 2 weeks, we have been notified and are examining if we can increase the speed of the queue release to accomodate.

Skip the queue?

We were hesitant to offer it as we don't want to come off as money grubbing, but essentially it boils down to an issue of money -- a surge in users has the potential to cause our costs to quickly skyrocket leading us to go out of business. Therefore, we decided a good balance of meeting the monetary needs of hosting the site and maintaining good karma would be to allow users to exit a surge hold early if they make any purchase such as ZloCredits or a subscription and that action also benefited other users. If you do so, you and 3 other users will have their hold removed.

Our lowest cost subscription is $0.99/month or $1.99 can buy a one time purchase of 50 ZloCredits.